National Children’s Book Week

Kiddie Lab Learning School celebrated National Children’s Book Week last July 17 to 21 to create awareness among everyone about the significance of reading books in the development of children. The national theme for 2017 is “Laging Bago ang Mundo ng Libro“. Below are the highlights of this weeklong celebration:

July 17 (Monday) | Community Singing and Mini Play entitled “Mr. Wiggles: How to Take Care of One’s Books”. Through the mini play, the teachers spoke to them about the importance of books and how to take care of them.





July 18 (Tuesday) | National Children’s Book Day. The children brought their books to share with the school. The activity was the perfect opportunity for children to learn the value of stewardship. Each child presented their shared books during the Community Circle Time.





July 19-20 (Wednesday and Thursday) | Best Reads by Mom and Dad. Book week was made even more special with parents of our students reading to their child’s class.




July 20 (Thursday) | Shadow Puppet Show. The children enjoyed storytelling done using another medium, a shadow puppet show. The children watched, and later on handled the puppets themselves in the puppet show entitled, “Over in the Meadow”.


July 21 (Friday) | Puppet-making Day. Students in all levels creatively made their own puppets and took turns bringing them to life using the puppet board.


What an awesome week that was! Though National Children’s Book Week is celebrated only once a year, the school celebrates the importance of reading aloud to children yearlong through our daily storytelling sessions.  Books have the power to benefit young children in a myriad of ways!




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