Linggo ng Wika 2017

Our Buwan ng Wika celebration cultivates a sense of ownership, pride and love for one’s country among the Filipino students. For our foreign students, it allows them to have a sense of appreciation of Philippine culture. This year’s theme for Buwan ng Wika is Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago.

kiddie lab celebrates linggo ng wika

Throughout the month of August, the teachers have introduced some wonderful Filipino songs to the children. Filipino translations of our favorite Community Circle Time songs such as “Kamusta, Kamusta Kayong Lahat“, “Kung Ikaw ay Masaya“, “Sampung mga Batang Masaya” and other well-loved Filipino children’s songs were sung by the kids. The children also enjoyed listening to stories by well-known Filipino children’s literature authors.

Our Buwan ng Wika commemoration is heightened through our Linggo ng Wika, a week-long celebration filled with activities that encourage our children’s appreciation and love for the country. It  started with introducing national symbols like the Philippine flag, elements and representations that are unique to the country, and comparing it to that of other countries.


The children also brought Philippine handicrafts that can be found in their own homes.


The school grounds were also decorated to give a more festive feel.



Displaying the handicrafts in the school grounds aimed to make the children fall in love with Filipino artistry and craftsmanship.



The children enjoyed exploring the Philippine handicrafts during their outdoor play sessions.



We also introduced to the children locally grown fruits and vegetables that can specifically be found in the Philippines. The students brought fruits and vegetables to school and explored its tastes and textures in their respective classes.  The children had a treat tasting the dalandan, banana and mango!



Learning about vegetables grown in the Philippines was definitely made even more fun as we all sang the “Bahay Kubo” song.

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Maglaro tayo! Students from the Senior Nursery, Junior Kindergarten, and Senior Kindergarten classes had a blast playing traditional Filipino games with their peers.

Pictured below are the Junior and Senior Kindergarten students playing an exciting game of tumbang preso (“knock down the can”), a traditional children’s game.



The kids were very eager to throw their “pamato“.



The students also experienced playing palo-sebo, a game usually played during a town fiesta. The game involved climbing long and straight poles (without the grease) and retrieving a flag at the top.




Congratulations to our palo-sebo winners!





A children’s celebration would not be complete without the pabitin!



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Our Linggo ng Wika celebration culminated with our very festive Mini Barrio Fiesta. As we know, children learn best through play. Through pretend play, we allow them to explore different aspects of our culture. A fantastic way to play pretend is through donning of costumes! During the day of the barrio fiesta, our children came in their Filipino attire from different regions and brought native delicacies to share with their friends.


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By immersing our children in Philippine culture, food, stories, songs, and games, we plant the seeds of patriotism in them and teach them to embrace where we live and where we belong.

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