We require all interested families to schedule a school visit with the Directress in order to make an informed decision. During the school visit, the Directress shall assess and advise you of the appropriate class level for your child, depending on her age and developmental needs. Apart from touring the facilities, an overview of the school’s philosophy and curriculum for your child’s class level would also be discussed with you. Questions or any concern which the family may have will also be addressed during the visit.

We will also request you to fill out an Inquiry Sheet during the visit which will allow us to know more about your child’s needs and your expectations from the school.

The school visit can be done in the mornings from 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN on Mondays to Saturdays. Saturday visits are by appointment. To schedule a visit, please get in touch with the school at 828-9894 or 822-6701. You may also send us a message through our Facebook page.

Should you decide that the school is a good fit for your little one, you can now register your child for enrollment.

We will request you to fill up the school’s official registration form, together with the submission of your child’s photocopied birth certificate. Kindly bring the original or certified true copy for our reference. The list of things to bring for school would also be provided after the child has been registered. The school shall be issuing an Admission Slip which will be presented to the class teacher during the child’s first day of classes.

A photocopy of the latest clinical assessment and the endorsement by the developmental pediatrician will also be required for children with special needs. Children with special needs undergo one-month probation and will require the presence of a shadow teacher.

The school reserves the right to refuse admission to a child whose needs may not be adequately met by the school.

Parents of new students are required to attend the Parents’ Orientation at the start of the school year to get acquainted with the school’s philosophy and curriculum. The Home School Agreement will also be distributed and discussed during this session. The parents can also meet with the child’s homeroom teacher and the other members of the teaching staff.

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